Basketball Tournament

The PARIS CHALLENGE basketball tournament is in compliance with FIBA rules 5 on 5, except for these points below.


  • The basketball tournament is taking place in a huge gym, especially dedicated to basketball, located in Paris and accessible by subway. This basketball center is brand new and has been recently inaugurated by NBA French players.
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  • Teams must be present in the gym at least 30 minutes before their game start (a delay of 5 minutes according to the official schedule will forfeit the game).
  • Warm-up with balls (pepper and hitting lines) only lasts 15 minutes (we advise you to start your conditioning warm-up before the ongoing game).
  • The 5 players on the court must wear the same jersey (at least same color).
  • All games are led by official referees.


  • Games are played with 2 halves of 13 minutes (TIME CONTINUE).
  • 1 minute half-time break.
  • In case of draw, one 3 minute extra-time will be played (if teams are still tied, 5 free throws by team, then sudden death).


  • 5 players are required on the court to start the game.
  • Unlimited substitutions are allowed.


  • 1 coach timeout by game (30 seconds).


  • Win= 2 points.
  • Loss = 1 point.
  • Forfeit = 0 point.

In case of draw after the ranking pool:

  1. Set difference.
  2. Point difference.
  3. Match winner between tied teams.


  • 4 personal fouls by player
  • The organization could exclude or disqualify a player in case of bad attitude.