About Us

Even though it should have the same stature as it does in the USA, university athletics are often replaced by club sports in France, and Europe in general. In light of this, Paris Challenge was born.

Students are more and more invested, motivated, and energetic when it comes to succeeding in both their studies and sports activities. They deserve to be offered the best conditions for their success.

Furthermore, Paris is unquestionably rich in culture, easy to reach, and historically the home of sport enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, the city of Light has so far not been given the chance to host an international tournament that provides an opportunity for universities around the world to compete.

This is why a group of selected sport experts have joined their efforts to create the PARIS CHALLENGE association in order to create this international university sports tournament.

This event is realized in partnership with STADE FRANCAIS, which is an historical (since 1883) and very popular parisian sports union. It gather 22 different activities, like rugby and volleyball which compete in professional leagues (more information about STADE FRANCAIS).

The term « challenge » was unanimously chosen because it is a strong and meaningful word that symbolizes the self-transcendence, the sacrifice, and the effort that it takes to win a championship.

It also alludes to respect, humility, and cooperation.

The PARIS CHALLENGE association has gathered the experience and the expertise of many college sports enthusiasts with four main objectives in mind:

  • Promote college sports in all its dimensions (sport, identity, fraternity);
  • Offer a worldwide event through a high-level sports competition in a friendly atmosphere;
  • Foster better relations and exchanges between students from all over the world ;
  • Leave an everlasting memory in the minds of the students through the discovery of Paris, the City of Lights.